About Swim School

The Village Swim is here to guide and nurture your child through their swimming journey. We are located in the coastal paradise of Pottsville NSW and our heated Learn to Swim Pool has a wonderful outlook of our natural surroundings. Our Swim School Coordinator Ellen has over 20 years experience and is able to garner a connection with your child to give them confidence, structure and joy in the pool. We offer a wide range of swimming levels for all ages including bubs, school aged children and adults. Please enquire within regarding swim assessments and enrolling in our Learn To Swim Program.


Learn To Swim Programs


Dad / Mums n Bubs

A warm inviting colourful environment, Where children are kept in the loving arms of the parent to guide the infant through water familiarisation, pool safety, motor skills, submerges & problem solving all bundled into fun and song.

Beginner Strokes

For those students that show confidence and have strength to dog paddle the distance are the eligible students to start beginner strokes, which will be broken down for cog native memory. Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke & Butterfly for greater control. Once again repetition.


Refining all strokes Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke & Butterfly
to work upon endurance and strength.


Starts with teacher and students friendship and trust. Once that has been established the learning and fun begins. Motiving the motor skills. Survival stroke/skills problem solving submerges & pool safety. Problem solving for themselves, seeing an obstacle or danger to work through. With repetition confidence is held within.

Mini Squad

Where stroke styles are refined again through drills & endurance.


Will be put through their paces, sets and drills to work on style,
strength, endurance and P.B. Ready for race day

Swim School Registration

When you are ready to register your child please complete the Village Swim
School Registration Form.
Swim School Registration Form

Have a question?

Get in contact with our friendly staff to start the process.


We have a wide range of aqua programs and classes with options to suit everyone
Aqua aerobics – low impact fitness classes incorporating bodyweight and resistance tools in our temperature controlled pool $12 per class, $100 for 10 packsee reception to register and prepay your class
Zero’s to Hero’s Learn to swim lessons – 30 min $18:50
Dads/Mums and Bubs – 30 min $18:50 (8 per class)
Private Lessons (all levels) – 30 min $70:00
15 min $35:00


Dad/Mums n Bubs 30min
Beginner 30min
Beginner Strokes 30min
Strokes 30min
Mini Squads 30min
Squads 45min

All term or holiday lessons are to be prior paid at the time of enrollment.

$20 join fee applies to all initial enrolments for students new to The Village Swim

Now accepting NSW Government Active Kids Vouchers

No payment no swim.


Thinking about swimming lessons? Book in for a swimming assessment to analyse your swimming skills.